Monday, March 17, 2008

A Real Easter Egg Hunt

Walking out front from the garage to the house, I spied a couple of eggs under the edge of the shed. I called Aries over to see. He got down and pulled about six out from under there, and then asked me to get him a stick. Using the stick, he scraped out 25 green eggs! All were the same shape and color, so it looks like they were all from the same chicken - one of Missy's offspring. I don't know how she got under there - there's less than two inches clearance between the wall and the ground, although it does open up a bit once underneath.

Missy is a brown leghorn, and excels at hiding her nest until she shows up each spring with another batch of chicks. She lays little tan eggs. Our rooster is an Araucana, so many of Missy's offspring lay green eggs. And a few of them hide their nests, too. We brought the eggs inside and put them in a bowl of water. Old eggs float, fresh eggs sink. We threw out the 15 that floated, and put the other ten in the refrigerator. Sorry I didn't get a photo - the camera battery was in the charger. The top photo is an old one of Missy's hidden nest, the bottom one is Missy with one of her families.


frogtailrae said...

But won't Missy miss them... It's almost Springtime :-)

Sadge said...

They were all green eggs, so they couldn't have been Missy's. And whoever is laying them doesn't have enough sense to stop laying and start setting (25 eggs!). However, Missy was out front today, acting very sneaky, so it wouldn't surprise me if she's got a nest hidden out there somewhere.

rhonda jean said...

What a nice photo of Missy with her babies. How mamny chickens do you have?