Sunday, July 27, 2008

Somebody's Been Busy

Aries' work commute to Tahoe is 25 miles, one-way - up 2,000 feet over a 7,000' pass then dropping back down 1,000' to lake level and around to the south shore casino zone. Some of the days, he carpools with a couple of co-workers. In the summer, on days when they're off, he likes to ride his motorcycle.

We also have a pick-up truck. Aries often needs its four-wheel drive for his winter commute. But this time of year, he doesn't use the truck very often. A couple of days ago though, he was offered some big trees, killed by the Tahoe fire last year, for firewood. We heat our house with wood, and really like it when we get the chance to get some big logs, already cut, free for the hauling. So Aries drove the truck to work for a couple of days, fetching home a load of wood afterwards.

He was a bit concerned, however, when the electrical system blipped on the way home the second day. So today, on his day off, he popped the hood to check the wiring. If you look past the bundle of colored wires, you can see lots of little, tan, round things. We have a couple of Russian Olive shade trees between the house and driveway - those are some of the little olives. Between the fender and the engine compartment, on both sides, someone has been building a winter stash. Just imagine how many trips it took some little mouse, up and over the tire into those nice steel storerooms, an olive in each cheek. Sorry, little fella, all gone now.

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