Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Cold

Oh, brrr! It feels like December now. My car had been slow starting the past couple of weeks, and then a couple of days ago wouldn't start at all. Time to go battery shopping. I was only heading out to run some errands, so it didn't bother me to stay home until Aries got home from work. I was just glad it finally died on a day when I didn't really have to be anywhere. I should be fine now. At least, I hope so.

Our night temps have been falling into the teens(F) but it's been warming up daytimes into the low 50's. With the draft dodger at the kitchen door, the styrofoam panel on the glass sliding door, inside the house has been dropping to around 60F by morning. But the sun coming in the east window warms it up enough that I usually don't bother to start a fire until afternoon.

Not today! Last night's low was 6F, and the house was down in the mid-50's by morning. Good thing I switched our bedding over to the down comforter last week. The barometer is falling and there's a miserable cold wind kicking up horrible sandstorms. Clouds moving in mean no solar warming today, and the first snowflakes are zipping by sideways. I've had a fire going for hours, and it's now warmed up to the mid-60's inside - that's a comfortable temperature for me. The house pets have stretched out from their tight little curls, bellies towards the stove. I had to take fresh water out to the birds at noon - what Aries took out in the morning before leaving for work had already iced over. Forecasts say its gonna get a lot colder in the next few days. Hello, Winter!


Annodear said...

What a wonderful photo of your critters, all snug and warm by the fire :-)

Tanner's water was iced over here this morning, too! Supposed to have a major winter storm moving in, so we spent some times yesterday getting leaves out of the gutters, raking and sweeping. And I was having so much fun I just kept going! Did quite a bit of pruning out front ~ the neverending job. Good thing I love doing it... even if my arms and back were too sore to move last night! lol

James said...

Perhaps a cheap aquarium heater to keep the water for the birds warm enough for them to drink?

Sadge said...

I'd have to think about that, James. There's no electricity out there, so we'd have to run an extension cord across the ground and that makes me nervous if it's wet too. As long as one of us is home sometime during the really cold days, I'd rather just haul a bucket out every now and then.

Nancy M. said...

Wow, it really has gotten colder there! Your pets look really comfortable lying by the fire! I'm keeping our heat at 65*, trying to save a little money. So far, so good!

Funder said...

Looks like you're very cozy!

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Awww...look at those little darlins all curled up. You can tell they enjoy the stove!
Woodstoves are one of my favorite things! Hopefully we'll have one someday.
Stay warm!
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Melynda said...

We are having a cold snap here also. The outside temp is 21 and falling (right now) and we have the wood stove in full operations.