Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guardian of the Hearth

A grey brick chimney forms the center of our home. A wood stove backed up to the fireplace opening provides our heat. The hearth, quite literally in our case, is the heart of our home.

Above the wood stove is a clock. Aries made it from a slice of redwood burl his dad gave him - sanding and buffing the prettiest side, hollowing out a space in back to hold the clockworks, gluing numbers on the face.

The wood of the clock completes the balance of our hearth - the earth chimney, metal stove, fire within, water in the teapot and steamer. There's one more element there too - the guardian of our hearth.

From his perch to the left of the clock face, many don't even realize he's there. Most of the year, and especially cold winter mornings, he blends right in with the grey brick behind. During the winter, though, when the stove is going, the rising warmth makes him turn a bright green color. Though still somewhat in the shadows, he's there to protect the wall from falling (nice thought, in an seismically active area) and guard our hearth from evil (also nice to have).

He found me on one of my walks with the dog, accompanied us home, and has found a home above our hearth ever since. Though some may call him a gargoyle, more properly says he, he's a grotesque - since he lives inside the dwelling and has never functioned as a drainspout. Also, completely proper, he has wings, and so can patrol the rest of the house for us during the dark of night. We can rest easy, knowing he's there to protect our home.


Sense of Home said...

Would love to have that wood stove. It has been a very cold winter for us, and there is nothing like the heat from wood.

Melynda said...

We all have our special touches in the home, and it looks likes He is doing a great job!

risa said...

Your little friend is not unlike the guardian demons whose work is to keep bad spirits away from the gates of Buddhist temples. Quite appropriate!

Annodear said...

Very feng shui :-)

We have one too, that lives in a potted plant in the kitchen.

It's a "happy meal" toy from one of the fast food chains, and was associated with Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame" animated movie. I've had ours since the boys were little.

Sadge said...

Ah, so true, Annodear. The Guardian wears the brand of the Burger King on the bottom of his foot.

Annodear said...


Aussiemade said...

I would love gargoyles on the pointy part of our home.. hmmm maybe I could make some..than think how to get em up there...lol

I love how your protectors find you Sadge