Friday, March 28, 2008

Right Brain/Left Brain

Some interesting items regarding right brain/left brain seem to be going 'round the Internet lately. I seem to be able to integrate both sides fairly well. In business matters, I'm good with numbers and budgets (left) but also do better than most at coming up with out-of-the-box creative marketing ideas (right). I'm right-handed, but left-eye dominant. I easily compile the list of supplies for a seven-day camping trip, and then just as easily can visualize how to get it all to fit in the trunk of a compact car. This site debunks the two most common illusions that seem to be ending up in my inbox on a regular basis, but I did find them fun to try. The spinning girl I can make weave back and forth like a snake charmer, and the head in the beans was a snap to find.

But the most fascinating and thought-provoking link I've been sent lately, from my sister, is this one. A brain scientist talks about her thoughts and feelings while she was actually experiencing a stroke on the left side - the analytical, language-assessing, self-awareness, "me" side - of her brain. Eventually, she is left with with only the right side - the emotional, primal, interconnected-consciousness, "zen" side - functioning. This 20-minute video certainly brings up some very interesting things for me to think about. Can I learn isolate the right side of my brain at will?

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