Friday, April 4, 2008

A Visitor, A Comment!

I'm jumping up and down excited! I got a comment from Rhonda Jean - she stopped by and read my blog! Rhonda Jean is my blogging inspiration - what my blog can only aspire to. Where my new little blog has labels in the single digits, her's are in the hundreds. Her blog, Down to Earth, is the epitome of living simply and gently upon this earth. Every post has a nugget of truth, a morsel of knowledge, that I can take away and chew on the rest of the day. Plus, I'm learning to speak Australian - chooks (chickens) and silverbeet (Swiss chard) and an introduction to all kinds of strange plants.

Originally led there looking for information on using high-gluten flour, and later when looking for saurkraut-making instructions, I was fascinated by her gentle thoughts and wonderful ideas. I bookmarked the site and became a regular lurker. I loved the pictures she posted from her readers' apron swap - great colors and ideas! It's now one of my regular stops on the Internet. And now she's been my guest - if only in cyberspace!


rhonda jean said...

I'm back! LOL I have spent a bit of time reading through your posts this morning and I have to tell you I will be reading your blog from now on too. I like the way you write, I like your enthusiasm for living and I want to know more about how you live and your natural environment. I told my husband about your cats sensing the danger outside and said it would be scary living there. He told me to remember that we have the world's most deadly snakes in our back yard, but that seems like nothing compared to racoons, coyotes and bears!

Keep writing, I will be back.

Peggy said...

Came visiting by way of Rhonda Jeans blog. I too love your posts and will be back!

Anonymous said...

Another visitor via Rhonda's blog!! I like your posts too and will visit again to read some more.

Valerie said...

I also came through Rhondas blog. I have really enjoyed my visit with you and will be back for more.

Christie Groth said...

Seems I am one of many who found your blog via Rhonda's! I love the information! My grandmother's had so many talents and I hate to say it but I was too stubborn to learn from them. I regret it so much.
The photos are wonderful too. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :-)

BethS said...

I'm another who dropped in via Rhonda Jean. I like your writing and I'll be trying some of your recipes.

Thanks for sharing with us


Anonymous said...

Hi, Another visitor via Rhonda! I just want to let you know that I spent the morning reading your entire blog. Very nice. I found many of my interests here- cooking, baking, wannnabe chicken keeper (still in the planning stages), gardening. I live in Ohio near Cleveland. Was interesting to read about the West. I also enjoyed reading about how to darn socks! I recently purchased an antique sock machine & have been cranking out wool socks. Very warm. I used wool yarn that I recycled from thrift store sweaters! I will be back to follow your posts. Thanks again. Vicki

Anonymous said...

Another who has found your very interesting blog via Rhonda. I'm a fellow Sagittarian, "better half" is Gemini - so life is not boring on our few acres.

Will certainly look forward to spending a little time with you each day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sadge,

I came here via Rhonda Jean's blog. I'm so glad I did! I read all your past entries, and plan to visit your blog often. Love hearing about your farm.

Carolyn in AZ

Sadge said...

Oh boy, if I was jumping up and down excited before, now you're going to have to pull me down off the ceiling. Welcome everybody! I love hearing from all of you!