Saturday, September 13, 2008

Morning, Morning Glory

Just a quick little post today - got lots of things to do. The shallots are all cured, and hung up in an net stocking (like oranges come in at Christmas time) in the pantry. Of course, I saved about 20 of the nicest biggest ones to plant later on this fall for next year's crop. I've pulled the soaker hose off the onions and bent the rest of the tops down. They'll be ready to dig and set out to cure next. Now's the time of year to start watching the night temperatures, but they're staying the the 40's for now. Cleaning the cellar is still on my list of things to do - once I get that done I can start opening up the door nightly to get it started cooling down. We're eating lots of eggplant and cucumbers, but not many tomatoes yet, and the corn and beans were meager this year. Got a beautiful red seedless grape crop just about ripe (it's growing on the dog run fence, in the background of the picture) - at least I'll have lots of raisins this winter. Switched my home decor over to autumnal colors (my favorites!), and just last night put the flannel sheets on the bed (still sleeping with the windows open, though). All relatives in Texas are ok - they got only rain and wind, no tornados around Bryan (although Mom's winter home in Port Isabell was completely demolished earlier this season). Things can be replaced - everybody stay safe, my thoughts are with you all. Ah well, things to do, people to see - later!

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Nancy M. said...

Wow, temperatures in the 40's would put in in a fall mood. Ours are still in the 60's or so.

Glad your family was okay during Ike.