Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Office/Sewing/Guest Room

The two of us live in quite a small house. Aries added on the master bedroom and a real bathroom/laundry - almost doubling the size of the place, from 800 sq ft to just under 1,300. All plumbing used to be on one wall of the kitchen - a sink, a washing machine hooked up manually to the sink when needed, then a walk-through shower stall to get to the toilet. Now, we have two bedrooms, one bath, one closet in the master bedroom and one in the living/dining room. I've had to be quite creative in my use of space and storage options. The second bedroom is a multi-purpose room. Usually there's a six-foot folding banquet table that just fits across the end of the bed (and will store behind the door) and my sewing machine set up on a fold-out cabinet (machine will store underneath when necessary). The nightstands on either side of the head of the bed are filing cabinets, and the computer and office accessories are in an old rolltop desk. But on the rare occasions when company is coming, everything can be tucked away to make it a guest room. Since the room doesn't often look this way, I just wanted to share a photo. The stuffed doll and two froggies on the bed were Aries' childhood toys made for him by his grandma, the bed and vanity rescued out of an old shed and cleaned up (maybe someday, I'll replace the water-damaged veneer).

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