Saturday, January 10, 2009

Electronic Media Time-out

Alrighty then - time to get back into the blogging rhythm, I guess. I had a nice visit with my sister in the Bay Area. This is one of my favorite sights I pass on my way over the Sierras. There are a couple of statues of big horn sheep flanking a driveway, and then they've added another statue of a mountain lion. But since it's not in the same scale, to me it looks like the sheep are being stalked by a house cat. I smile every time I drive by.

Sweet husband gave me a gift card to Borders book store for Christmas. I got myself some new music (George Harrison's All Things Must Pass), and a box set of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse paperbacks. We had free HBO for a while last fall, and I got hooked watching True Blood, a series based on the books. So I spent last week devouring all seven books, one right after another (I can get a bit obsessive when I get the chance to read), doing a bit of electronic media detox in the process (best if I do that every once in a while). But now, refreshed, I'm back on the computer and back online. I'll be in touch!


Nancy M. said...

Missed you, but I'm glad you had a good time! You would think those statues would be in the same scale, wouldn't you?

I love the Sookie Books too! The HBO series is a little different from the books. A littl more raunchy, lol!

frogtailrae said...

Good! I was just about to email you and see how you're doing..

But... knowing how you get when you're reading (;-D) lets just say that everything has *now* become clear.

Glad to see you're "back".

frogtailrae said...

Oh, and too funny about the kitty cat stalking the big horn sheep!! Something tells me the sheep can take care of themselves! lol

Anonymous said...

I find time away from electronic things very necessary indeed!