Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sitting At My Desk

The drizzly rain of the past couple of days turned to a wet, sloppy snow last night and on into today. When Aries walked down to the store this morning to get me a Sunday paper, he saw that whole roasting chickens were on sale - 58¢/pound, 2 to a bag. He picked up two bags - one for the freezer, one for today. It's just as easy to roast two birds as one, so I've got them both in the oven - roast chicken tonight, chicken enchiladas, pot pie, and soup later in the week. I had a lemon, so each got half stuffed inside, along with a couple big sprigs of fresh sage from out in the herb garden and a few home-grown shallots from the net bag hanging in the pantry, a crusting of dried herbs and lemon pepper rubbed on the skin. It smells sooooo good!

It's too wet, and getting icy, to be outside, so here I am at my desk. I love my desk. It was an old broken-down oak rolltop we got free (can you believe it!). Aries fixed it, cleaned it up, and oiled the wood. I even love the ink spatters staining the desk top. I don't know how old this desk is, or where it's been, but it's obviously been used with an inkwell.

It's heavy too - something I was reminded of all too well yesterday. I just bought a new fax/copier, so tackled the job of installing it yesterday. The desk works nicely for our computer needs, and since this room also doubles as my guest (and sewing) room I like that I can close up the desk if I want. We didn't want to cut holes in the beautiful wood to make it work as a computer desk, so getting to the phone jack and all the computer cables behind it means moving it away from the wall. I'm used to moving furniture around, and since I'm the technology installer in this house, I just dove right in. By taking all the drawers out, I could move the desk enough to get behind it. I got everything put together and working, the cables all tucked back away out of sight. Aries got home from work just in time to help me move the desk back against the wall, and then I got the whole room put back together. It's such a nice place to be, with windows to my right and left to watch the snow coming down.


frogtailrae said...

Ah yes... watching it snow out of the windows... one of my *favorite* things to do!

Love those ink splatters, too!!

Barb J. said...

Beautiful desk... I love pieces with character!

Nancy M. said...

It's gorgeous! I love old pieces like that.

Melynda said...

My dining room set is a lot like your desk. The previous owners left their "mark" upon it. History of use is part of the charm, and I would not trade that for a new of anything!

angela said...

I envy your cold wet weather, Here in Australia we are haveing the drough form hell and as I type this its near 40c and its only 10.00 in the morning.
I think 40c is in the high 90's in in your language.
So please can you send some cold thoughts our way.
Love your blog