Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stop Procrastinating

I keep meaning to write, and then life happens and I get busy doing something else. By the time I get back to the computer, I end up (obsessively) checking email or reading others' blogs or many of the other ways I can just waste time online. The February blahs have struck - it's so cold and windy I don't want to go outside. Lethargy is such a vicious circle. It seems I'm only doing things to meet deadlines, and none of the things that bring me joy.

So just to get myself back on track, I'm posting these little tips to myself. I've got to stop this ennui, before it slides into depression.

Stop trying to be perfect Fear of failure, or even of success, can be one of my biggest paralyzers.

Don't get overwhelmed I'm really good at seeing the big picture. Problem is, sometimes my vision is so big that I need to stop and focus on just one little bite-size piece to get myself started.

Resist temptation I love the Internet and the connectivity with others it brings. But all too often I'll end up checking email or surfing blogs as a procrastination technique. I've got to fight that tendency, even if it means turning off the computer.

Reward yourself I frustrate myself, resisting joy because I haven't finished the things I keep telling myself need to get done first. Now that's just plain crazy!

Ok. That whole rant was just for me. Do something, do anything! At least it's a start.


simplelife said...

Could you be my twin and we were separated at birth?

Had to come out of lurkdom to comment, because I thought you were talking about me!

cheers Kate

Valerie said...

Sounds just like me! I am definately a procrastinator but I am really trying!

frogtailrae said...

Hey! Learned a new word today... Ennui: listlessness and dissatisfaction. What a great word (but a lousy feeling!!!)

Thanks for sharing ~ always good to hear from ya :-)

Melynda said...

I was wondering where you were! I think we all do the same thing.

shanna said...

Sounds like me!! I get caught up checking emails and such before really getting to work. I found writing out a daily "to do" list helps---when I remember to use it that is... :-)
(maybe I need to get back on that rosemary tea for memory....)

Annette said...

I love a plan. =) Glad to see you back and with a new word as well! See, I learn so much by reading your blog. =P

Nancy M. said...

I've missed you! I understand about the winter blues. It helps a lot to be able to go out in the fresh air and sun for a little while. Hopefully you'll be raring to go in no time.