Monday, March 30, 2009

Can You Believe This?

I've been writing about our little Missy chicken - a Brown Leghorn that was given to us at least 10 years ago that just died a couple of days ago. When she died, I asked Aries if we should call or email Alan and Mary, the couple that gave her to us, to tell them about Missy. They'd moved over the Sierras, to a town hours away, years ago. Aries had no idea how to reach them anymore, so we just said oh well. That was two days ago.

Today, Aries' day off, we decided to go for a ride over the Sierras to Daffodil Hill (I'll write more about that shortly). So off we go, up over the snowy Sierras via Carson Pass. About an hour into the drive, I ask Aries for a potty-stop (I'd been drinking coffee) at the Snow-Park just past the top of the pass. Most folks stop at the rest area on top of the pass, but I like the parking area where no one else stops, just a quarter-mile down the other side, better.

So we pull into the almost empty parking lot - only two other cars there. One is empty - they must be out cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. The other car is up near the restroom, both passengers out near their open trunk, as we pull in. "Can you believe this!" Aries says, "Look! That's Alan and Mary." He honks and parks, they're looking at us wondering who's honking at them until we get out of the car. I ask if their ears have been burning - we've just been talking about you! Really!

They were driving the other way over the Sierras to spend the day at Tahoe, and had made a quick restroom stop. It was freezing cold out - not really a place you'd want to hang around any longer that it took to get in, get out, and get on your way. Now, really, what are the odds that we'd run into anyone we knew in that particular parking lot at that particular time? Each of us headed in opposite directions. And then, have it be a couple we hadn't seen in years, but had just been thinking and talking about? Can you believe it?


Valerie said...

That really is amazing. So did you tell them about Missy? It must have been meant for you to tell them.

Cathy said...

Hello Sadge
I love stories like that. I thought you were going to say they had a spare chook at home and did you want it lol
How long befor all that snow goes - or doesn't it?
Take care

Melynda said...

Just proves my theory, it is a small world. take care.

Nancy M. said...

That is really awesome! How nice to see someone unexpected in an unusual place.

Sadge said...

Hi guys! Of course we told them about Missy, and they told us more about how she was so dehydrated when she first flew into their yard her beak was open and she was panting. So Mary gave her water and food, and then they were leaving for a couple of weeks so she just left a big pan of water and food dish out. When they got back the chicken was still in their yard so that's when they decided to name her.

Anyway, we did a bit of catching up, traded email and phone numbers, and were all just freezing (even though the sun was shining, it was breezy and COLD!). So we both went out separate ways.

Cathy - Most of that snow will finally be gone around the middle of June, but there's a wonderful field of wildflowers a mile and a half hike from there, that blooms the middle of July, and there's one place you hike past that usually still has a snow bank then. The peaks above there can hold some snowfields year-round. I'll post more pictures - it's a wonderful area.

Annodear said...

Dude! That's SO FREAKY.

Daffodil Planter said...

My condolences on the loss of Missy. It sounds like she had a full life with you. And I look forward to your post on Daffodil Hill. I wasn't able to get there this year. Come visit my blog; you'll see we are neighbors and I just added you to the (tiny) Northern NV part of the blogroll.