Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Second Day of Spring

Oh, brrrrr! Four inches of snow this morning, cold wind all day, and temperatures forecasted to be way below freezing tonight. At least the days are getting longer!

This is our normal Spring weather. Just as something else comes into bloom, it snows on it. Oh well, we really do need the moisture. This is high desert - we only get an average of seven inches of precipitation annually; all of it as snow November through April. Those black hoses you see in all my garden photos are soaker hoses. Just about everything I grow here has to be artificially irrigated, all summer long. So whether it's recharging our ground water or filling up our reservoirs, we'll take all the "weather" we can get.


Carol said...

I understand your situation exactly. We moved to east central Oklahoma to get away from the New Mexico high desert where we got 8" of rain per year. Now we are getting 40" and there are green trees everywhere!

Sue said...

I left Michigan early was snowing like crazy! I'm getting a dose of sun and warmth down south for a few days to recharge. March sure seems to do strange things all over the place.
Happy Spring!

Nancy M. said...

Wow! Only snow, no real rain? It's amazing the differences in areas of the country.

Annodear said...

Funny blogs (and photos!) one day apart!!

If you don't like the weather.... just wait 5 minutes!