Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Real Easter Egg Hunt

Now you see them:

Now you don't:

We get the fun of real egg hunts around here. Last week (April 10th) Tweedit, one of our guinea hens, stopped coming back to the coop at night. That meant either something got her or, more likely this time of year, she was now setting on a nest. So I started looking for her, and found her out front between a shed wall and some very prickly Oregon Grape (that's her tail feathers in the second photo - pretty good camouflage). Then, yesterday, when I saw her eating and getting a drink of water I ran to see what she was setting on. I counted 22 eggs. Usually a few don't hatch, and a few of the baby keets won't make it out of the nest, so I'm predicting she'll bring us a dozen babies on May 8th. My Old Farmer's Almanac says 26-28 days for a guinea incubation period. Anyone else care to place their bets?


Compostwoman said...

I'll lay a bet on 13!

Well spotted!

Valerie said...

How precious!! O.K. I guess 10!!

Nancy M. said...

How awesome! I'll guess 14 keets on May 7th.

Anonymous said...

I guess 12. Such a fun post :-)

Amy said...

I'm guessing 16 on May 6th!!