Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok, Might as Well Start Writing Again

I like to take a bit of a break from posting every now and then. I wonder if it's better for those reading to have something for them to read every day, or if I don't really have anything to say, then don't. Actually, I've been quite busy - just either don't feel like writing it up, or haven't re-sized and labeled the photos that I've taken, and don't want to post without them.

Then, too, when I do take a break from writing, sometimes it's hard to get back in the habit again. Ah, well, it's not like I'm looking to set any readership records, anyway. I started this blog mainly as a way to let my mom and sisters know what I was up to, and am still amazed that it's caught the eye of so many others.

So, a brief catching up: we got the batch of beer bottled, and it should now be ready to move from bedroom down to the cellar. The Christmas decorations are all put away, and I'm washing the linens today. Red and green looks right during December, but it's a bit too strident after New Year's. While the days are still short and dark, I really like the coziness and simplicity of red and white. I've got a few projects to finish, and more lined up, and am looking at some more volunteering activities. The seed catalogs are coming in, so I've got some planning to do - figuring out if I need to order anything. I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness in 2010.


The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Lovely, simple post today. I love red and white too- am actually planning a table cloth just like yours!
Love the picture as well- your home looks so warm and inviting. Hope you have a lovely day!
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Von said...

You can't beat the simplicity of gingham! I still have a small cloth Mum made me about 40 years ago, can it be that long?
Posting when you've nothing to say or share is probably not as interesting.It's an art and we're all still learning.Happy New Year.

Melynda said...

Love the red and white, but that would be no surprise! Good to see you posting again.

Valerie said...

I love your thoughts. I love seeing that red and white. So pretty. Glad to see you posting.

Annodear said...

Thank you :-)
Happy New Year to you as well.

My opinion is to only post when you've got something to say. IOW, quality, not quantity. I've got friends on other social blog sites that post sometimes 3,4,5 times a day, and I end up skipping a lot of those. Just don't need to know *every little thing*. Just my $.02 worth! lol

Cathy said...

Hello Sadge
Nice to see you back I do hope you enjoyed your break.
Have to agree on not knowing what readers want - little bits more often or chunks less frequently. I seem to sway from one action to another - but then there are times when I seem to want to talk about lots of subjects and times when just one
Can't win all the time cn we lol
Take care