Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

It's chilly but the sun is shining, so I want to get outside. But I thought I'd post a quick something now: one - because even though I've been plugging away at all the little Springtime chores, I've been very lax about getting things written here; two - because I'm going to try getting this household to go dark for an hour this evening.

It's Earth Hour time again this evening. Beginning at 8:30 p.m. your time, can your household go dark for an hour? Turn everything off - the computers, televisions, even the lights? As usual, this event pretty much passes northern Nevada by - just a tiny little paragraph in today's newspaper, buried on page 8. But I hear the Las Vegas Strip will again go dark for the hour, so maybe this state will get pulled into the 21st century one of these days.

I really shouldn't be one to talk, though. Once again, I'm a bit conflicted about the concept. I've managed to get Aries to turn off the lights and the glowing screens in the past, only by enticing him out to the hot tub, the biggest energy-sucker in our house. And justifying it because our nighttime temperatures are still below freezing. Shutting that thing down for a night is a difficult decision. Do I chance destroying the it, plus incurring my husband's lack of cooperation, or do I just reconcile the thoughts of my own hypocrisy in the spirit of compromise? Our house will probably be dark this evening, but the meter still running, if somewhat slower than usual (and I do want to point out that it will be during the regular filtering cycle time - it will run then whether we're in it or not). At least, it does mean some quality time with my sweetheart, and his full attention for an hour, under the stars. And that's not all bad.


Annodear said...

Interesting. And it's great that you're participating. We're not. Too much trouble, and we're pretty conservative all the time, so I really don't feel any pressure to 'sit in the dark' for an hour. It reminds me of when people would protest high gas prices by, say, not buying any gas on Tuesday. We still have to buy the same amount, we just do it on Monday instead. Never really made sense to me.

Hope you enjoy the hot tub and quality time, tho ;-)

Annodear said...

P.S. Like the "spirit of compromise".

angela said...

our house is always dark for the hour, but the telly is on. Having teenage kids its the only time they are home and must watch the infashion show. but all else is off so yeah another compromise.