Saturday, March 10, 2012

Salvaging a Tattered Tablecloth

As long as I had my sewing table and machine all set up, I took care of another little refashioning project today. After its last go-round in the washing machine, I had to admit that an old cotton tablecloth was finally too worn and tattered to continue using as such. The center was too fragile to even bother trying to patch; the holes unraveling more and more after each washing - not even strategic placement of doilies and placemats could disguise it any longer.

But the edges, that had hung off the edge of the table, were still in pretty good condition. And it was such a nice, soft cotton fabric. With a bit of judicious cutting, I was able to salvage some nicely-sized rectangles. So, after a little time spent folding over and pressing the raw edges, and a quick hemming on the machine, I now have three lovely gingham dish towels for my kitchen, and a new liner for my bread basket.


ThisIsMySimpleLife said...

Nice! I have 4 sets of old worn out linen that I have plans to transform into something else; it is so nice and soft, and since it has been washed a million times, totally without strange chemicals from the factory. Dish towels is a good suggestion, I also think about making aprons for when I cook with my daughter, and extra pillows for her bed :o)

Cynthia said...

I really enjoy my tablecloths and I've got an antique white (at least, it used to be white) cloth just waiting in my drawer to be assigned a new duty. Thank you for the great suggestion!

farm land investment said...

Wow, what a fantastic idea. And they look so new and gorgeous too.