Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Absolutely Freezing Here

The deep freeze continues. Temps are below normal, but not all that unusual - we get a cold snap like this once or twice each winter most years. Last nights lows: outside -13F, inside 50F; today's high: 17F. The cellar is holding steady at 47F so the fruits and veggies down there are in fine shape. I got three eggs today - some of the hens are really hanging in there. I've asked Aries to stop taking eggs to work for the guys - I want to make sure I've got enough for us and my Christmas baking.

The bathtub drain froze up last night. It usually does when temps drop below zero. I'm just glad it doesn't happen very often. There's no way to thaw it out either. We just have to wait until daytime temperatures get above freezing, and that's gonna be a couple more days yet. So it means sponge baths, or short showers standing in a plastic tub that can then be emptied into sink or toilet, and baling or wet-vaccing out what's left in the bathtub (or else having a tub gradually filled with scummy, cold water). I'm thinking I'd rather wash my hair at the community swimming pool showers tomorrow (it's too long to wash easily in the kitchen sink).

I haven't put up my Christmas tree yet. Every year, I debate whether I want to bother with it, and every year I end up doing it. And I'm always glad I did, too. Sure, it's quite a bit of work (and means rearranging the furniture too), but I like having the extra lights in the living room during the darkest days of the year (and the carpet gets vacuumed underneath the couch). Even better, I love going through my ornaments once again. I made quite a few of them, and others are souvenirs from my travels. I'm thinking I'll post pictures of some of my favorites during the rest of the month.

This little hot-air balloon I crocheted in bedspread-weight crochet cotton to fit over a 3" satin ball ornament; the basket was starched and shaped over a shot glass. The pattern is in a 1984 American School of Needlework Christmas booklet by Mary Thomas. I love that I found perfectly-sized wooden Santa and Mrs. Claus figurines to ride inside.


Melynda said...

I have the same struggle over a Christmas tree as well. There is no room for a tree in our living room, but I miss the ornaments that have provided memories from past Christmas celebrations. It will be fun to see your homemade decorations, I have made many through the years also.

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Oh dear! I hope your water thaws out soon! I would have the same problem with my hair... way too hard to do in the kitchen sink.
I love your crochet ornament- cute and unique! It would be even more special to you because you made it! Christmas ornaments are so much better when they hold memories and stories. Hope you have a good week!
The Girl in the Pink Dress

tymxgrl said...

Love the ornament you made. Can't wait to see more.

Aussiemade said...

I look at your photos and in my mind I would really love to have a white Christmas one year. Mind you the fire is on here it is windy with rain. In other parts of our country though it is unseasonably warm, we have had at least one death and several bad injuries from bushfires in New South Wales. Usually January February are the worst.

The balloon ornament is such a fun one, looks very complex to make.