Friday, December 18, 2009

A Christmas Pig, and a Batch of Home-Brew

When Aries and I were planning to elope, my co-workers wanted to give me a bridal shower anyway. They asked what we needed for our new home together. Since we were combining the households of two self-sufficient adults, we knew we would be busy getting rid of doubled-up items, and we said we really didn't need anything. When they persisted, we said fruit trees, or maybe a weaner pig.

That second request totally mystified my co-workers. They pictured a weiner-pig - some sort of dachshund/porcine pet. I explained that we meant a weaned piglet, to be raised for food. That was a bit too much for any of them to consider. But tied to the top of the box from Sandee, Maggie, and Betty was a little stuffed pig Christmas ornament, just darling with its beribboned curly tail. It's graced our tree for 20 years now.

During Aries' past "weekend", while I finished up my holiday decorating, he thought the cold and overcast day a perfect time to make a batch of beer. And it was. The humidity from five gallons of water, hops, and malt boiling on the stove warmed up the whole house; the pile of snow off the deck made a perfect spot to cool the wort enough to add the yeast. So now my holiday decor includes a 5-gallon bucket of Irish Brown Ale on the kitchen counter, bubbling merrily up through the fermentation lock.


Von said...

What could be more warming or homely!?

Cathy said...

Hello Sadge
Our tree has various ornaments that have stories accompanying them. Thats a very nice looking pig BTW - HE certainly won't be going to market will he lol
Take care over this Christmastime and heres hoping the New Year brings health wealth and happiness to you and Aries
Take care

Aussiemade said...

I love your Christmas Pig. (I have a thing for pigs,and I would love to have some). Squeals and

What great colleagues to make your little Christmas pig! What a joyous memory.