Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

The sun came out today, and the fresh snow sparkles and glitters like a million bits of glass. Here are a few more photos for those longing for snow.

I wish I could post some picturesque vistas of pristine mounds of snow, but Aries has a new toy to play with - a free snowblower he repaired and got running again. Consequently, right now our lot looks more like a giant Fox and Geese game.

Boys and their toys - what can I say?

A few statistics:
Last night's Lows: Outside -1F (that's minus 1)
Inside 54F (not too bad)

Today's High: 22F (that's with the sun shining)

Me, today: 56 :-)


Annodear said...

Nice number ~ 56 ~ year I was born! lol

Happy Birthday!!

P.S. I was picturing a leaf blower! :-D Thanks for the photos. I've been in California 26 years now... we "lowlanders" don't even know what snowblowers are. haha

GooseBreeder said...

And a very happy Birthday to you!Lovely pics,can't beat snow and sun!!

Nancy M. said...

Wow, you are making me cold! It's thundering here right now. That's so wrong!

Happy Birthday!!!

Homesteadwriter said...

I love your clock, thermometer.

Melynda said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I love the shot of the birds, very nice.

Annodear said...

I love how "tidy" the paths are... no piles of dirty snow where it's been dropped by the shovel-full along the sides of the paths.

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