Monday, December 7, 2009


Woke up this morning to about a foot of new snow, and it kept coming down all day. Which, normally, is just fine with me. We really need the moisture - just about all of our annual average 7" precipitation comes in the form of snow. Usually, I shovel out the chickens, come in and warm up, shovel a path to the woodpile, come in and warm up, and know it will all melt away in another week or so. But this morning, I was working a group arrival on five different flights into the Reno-Tahoe Airport.

I'm so glad it was Aries' day off. He got started on the driveway while I got ready to leave. And it meant I could use his 4X4 truck. I don't think I would have made it if I'd had to take my car (BTW, it's a little sedan with a regular trunk - that's all wind-blown snow piled up on the back end).

A drive that normally takes about 45 minutes took me twice that, but I left early so made it right on time. And then spent more than five hours in the airport. First flight canceled, next two delayed, another one canceled, the last one finally came in an hour late and then sat on the runway for another hour waiting for an open gate. Had to do some shuffling around to get everyone onto their transportation up to the Lake, and then I could head home. Still snowing, my drive back took just as long.

Aries got to play with a new toy all day. He'd been given a big old broken-down snowblower earlier this year. He cleaned it up and got it running again. This was the first time he got to use it, so by the time I got home there were all kinds of paths and all of the driveway cleared, all the way back to the garage. And twenty-four hours later, it's still snowing. Wheeee!


granny said...

You have no idea how good that snow looks...whilst we melt here in 40c (104f) heat :0)

Nancy M. said...

The snowy pictures really put me in the holiday spirit! My son really thought your car was an suv, lol!

Melynda said...

Reminds me of living in Yakima WA for 20+ years. Snow is so pretty, even if you have to shovel it. Thanks.

Tree Hugging Mama said...

Send some my way. I want a White Christmas.

Annodear said...