Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just a Quick Peek

I was out in front just now, changing the water hoses around, when I heard some scuffling noises where Tweedit, one of our guinea hens, has her nest. I didn't want to bother her, so I took just a quick peek under the bushes where she's hidden. I could see some broken eggshells and a couple of little fluffy balls on legs scampering around her. Looks like we've got some chipmunk-striped dark ones and some greys. The keets (baby guineas) can live off the remnants of their yolks for a couple of days while others hatch out so I let her be for now. When she's ready, in another day or two, she should bring out her family (I'm hoping Sneaky Snake leaves them alone - he winters under that same shed, but not sure if he's under there now). I have the dog run/brood pen ready for her, with a low dish I'm keeping full of water - it's hot out, so they'll all need a drink as soon as she brings them out. It would be nice if she'd just walk them all in there, but usually it's more like a guinea rodeo when someone brings in a family.


Annodear said...

"fluffy balls on legs"

Sounds adorable :-)

Anonymous said...

They look so cute. I hope the snake stays away. Has the fire threat diminished yet ? I am lucky that I dont live in an area that is affected by those sort of natural disasters but I thought about what you asked the other day. What would I grab and run ? My cat. If I think about it longer then I start to add more things, passport, insurance policy, photos oh and some clean underwear. Lets hope neither of us ever have to. Cheers, Eileen.