Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sierra Leaf Update

Sweet husband did a little motorcycle outing today. Since I have quite a few searchers turn up my blog looking for Sierra Nevada leaf-change information, I thought I'd give a quick report on the status of our fall season. Weather the past few days has left the tops of the peaks and the ski runs on the Nevada side of Heavenly Valley with a dusting of fresh snow. Aspen on top of Monitor Pass, one of the highest, on Hwy 89 above Topaz Lake, are in full color. The trees in Hope Valley, on Hwy 88 south of Lake Tahoe, have just started to change from green to gold. They should be in full glory in another week or two. The Tahoe Basin shouldn't be far behind. Closer to home, the Virginia Creeper is halfway to red, the Honey Locusts halfway to gold, and everything else still green.

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