Sunday, November 23, 2008

A New Apron

An organization I belong to decided to have a booth at a crafts fair as a fundraiser. They asked the members to make and donate things to sell, so I made some insulated teapot cozies. I had the insulation padding, so just needed to go through my fabric stash and put together some nice coordinating bits of cotton. I don't have pictures of any of the ones I made to sell, but in the process I found a yard of a flowered print with colors I just love. How convenient! My old apron had just ripped, worn through too thin to even patch, so I had been thinking I should make myself a new one. Re-discovering that green/pink/maroon print in my stash was wonderful timing!

This time, I wanted to make a reversible apron - one side for cooking, one side for baking. The dark green flower side would hide gravy and tomato sauce spatters. Now I just needed a lighter colored fabric for the flour side. I have an old duvet cover (is that redundant?) I don't use anymore. The bottom side of that is a little diagonal pink ribbon/green flower print on white - that would be perfect! Time for a little re-purposing then. Now for a pattern. I don't like aprons that hang on my neck. I prefer ones that go over my shoulders. I've made a pattern from an old bib-type granny apron I like, so I was ready to sew.

So I've been busy sewing. First the fundraiser tea cozies, to get them ready in time for the crafts fair. Then, when I cut out the new apron pieces from the dark green flower fabric, I had just enough left over to make myself a new teapot cozy too - the one at the top of this post. With a bit of solid dark green for pocket trim and waist ties (and the cozy lining), I have a brand new, double-sided reversible apron just in time for cooking Thanksgiving dinner. And I got all the sewing finished just in time too. I had to put away my sewing machine and table in order to change that room over into guest room status. My mom flew in from Colorado yesterday, and my sister and her family will be here from California in a couple more days. The more, the merrier!


Annodear said...

"one side for cooking, one side for baking"

Aren't you clever! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have rediscovered my sewing machine and hope to start on an apron soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your family.


Patty said...

very cute

Karen said...

cute! i can't wait to learn how to make stuff on my new sewing machine!

Nancy M. said...

I've never heard of one side for baking, and one side for cooking. How cool! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful apron design! Once you button the back, can you just slip it over your head to put it on and take it off? I love your blog, I've added it to my blogroll.
p.s. - have a wonderful holiday with your family!!

Sadge said...

Hi Merry,
The back "strap" is stitched together at the center, not buttoned (but that's an interesting design option). The opening fits over my head easily.