Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Spring?

The only spot of color outside my windows are the finches sheltering underneath the snow on the bare branches of the lilac. But I have faith that Spring weather will come eventually. So it's time to start thinking about the garden.

My onion order arrived last week, but I haven't even been able to get out to the garden yet. Depending on which day it is in our current weather cycle of the past three weeks, it's either too wet or the ground is frozen or it's buried beneath a couple inches of snow once again. But the info sheet said the onion plants will stay dormant for at least 3 more weeks if kept cool and dry, so I've put them down in the cellar for now.

There are lots of gardening things to get started on now, even when I can't get outside. For my fellow northern Nevada gardeners, I'll try to get back on a regular posting schedule so you can all follow along. Plus, I've been taking photos all along, so might do some back posts so I can look back to see what was happening when. Look on the bright side - the longer it keeps snowing, the better the chance the fruit trees will hold off blooming long enough to get some fruit later this summer.


Annodear said...

Like your "bright side" :-)

Also, moisture is good in an arid climate... recharges the groundwater and all.

Funder said...

I got uppity and planted some spinach, radish, lettuce, etc. seeds last week. I fear they are goners :( But I wanted to succession plant anyway, so it's not a huge loss.

Sadge said...

Not at all, Funder. I'm wishing I had some seeds scattered already. Those are all cold-hardy, and the snow is just watering them in. They'll be up with the first few sunny days. I sowed spinach and arugula last fall, like I always do, and they're always up way early. This year, however, they germinated in January but then it was so dry for weeks that they shriveled and died. I'll be out there replanting them any day now.

Callie Brady said...

We have snowy weather here too. This is the wettest winter I can remember in a long time. Spring will be welcome for sure.